Thursday, November 29, 2007

A memorable Thanksgiving dinner

We spent Thanksgiving in Tahoe with our dear friends Catherine and Pierre and their children. The weather was sunny and cold — no snow — which was perfect for early afternoon hikes and the rest of the day dedicated to various activities including cooking, knitting, reading, playing games, and eating of course. Actually, cooking was the main activity of this extended weekend and our friend Catherine being an awesome cook, I can tell you that everything that came out of the kitchen was incredibly delicious. She was the one in charge of course, the rest of us helping with basic tasks such as slicing, dicing, and mincing.

The turkey in its citrus flavored brine

The roasted turkey

A sampling of turkey, cornbread stuffing, and side dishes

Our friend Pierre had brought the wine: a 1997 Beaune Premier Cru Les Teurons Domaine Germain that they had bought at the Château de Chorey while vacationing in Burgundy. The domaine includes a renovated castle with five chambres d'hôtes and one suite, as well as several Beaune Premier Cru vineyards mostly planted with old vines. Les Teurons is a 21.04 ha premier cru vineyard known to produce elegant wines which are round, rich and balanced. The wine had a clear light red color with a fragrant nose of floral and fruity aromas. On the palate, it was well-aged, balanced and harmonious, leaving a light smoky note on the finish.

After the turkey feast, we went for a walk, in order to make room for the dessert: a very yummy pear tart tatin that my daughter had made.

The pear tart tatin: seems crumbly but was actually very yummy

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Peridot said...

I've been reading and enjoying your bloh for a while now...any suggestion about what wine goes well with spicy Indian food?

Catherine Granger said...

Thanks! With spicy Indian food, I would recommend an aromatic white wine. For example a German Riesling if you like wines on the sweeter side. For a drier style, I like white wines from the Languedoc and on the mineral side, Chenin Blanc based wines (Vouvray, Savennières in the Loire valley, or from other part of the world).