Thursday, March 31, 2005

The perfect wine

Have you ever tasted the perfect wine?

A perfect wine would possess an ideal equilibrium of all its constituent parts, and would be seamless and composed, a unified, harmonious whole. A perfect wine would not simply be a great wine; it would be a paradigm with an otherworldly quality. [...] For me, perfection is to be found not in a set of intellectual criteria but in a particular experience when wine becomes an integral part of a translucent moment. Roger Bohmrich, MW.

I recently had the occasion to taste the perfect wine. It was a bottle of 1985 Château Lynch-Bages. This twenty years old wine was in perfect condition and was still showing a youthful color. The nose was fabulous with complex layers of smoky, tobacco flavors and a lot of cassis aromas. On the palate, the wine was rich, full-bodied with very smooth tannins and a lot of depth. The finish was long and lingering. Definitely an outstanding experience!

At the same dinner, we also had a bottle of 2000 Château Lynch-Bages. In comparison, this wine had an impressive concentration but was more tightly knit. It was great to see how a young powerful wine like the 2000 could potentially mature into a classic wine like the 1985.

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