Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Launching a new site for wine collectors

I have been working on it for a year now, and after 6 month of "beta testing", I am finally launching my site: ManageYourCellar.com. It is an online wine cellar software for wine collectors. I am just starting a Google AdWords campaign to get visitors and hopefully users.

There are still a lot of things that I need to work on but one has to start at some point....

I want to make it very easy to use because maintaining your wine collection up-to-date is very time consuming. It is also important to have a large wine database so that people do not have to enter all the wine information when they add new wines to their cellars.

Visit ManageYourCellar.com - Online Wine Cellar Software

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Poème sur le vin

I found this poem beautiful and it let us dream about all these all aged bottles that you wish you had in your cellar....

Le Vin

Longtemps, dans l'atmosphère humide des caveaux
Sous la voûte profonde et de nitre imprégnée !
Sous la poussière et sous les toiles d'araignée
Le jeune vin vieillit dans des flacons nouveaux.

Il faut que dans le calme et l'ombre des tombeaux
La sublime liqueur dure plus d'une année,
Avant que d'accomplir la noble destinée
D'exalter un instant nos coeurs et nos cerveaux.

Ainsi, Chaze, il en est de la pensée humaine,
C'est par un très secret et très lent phénomène
Qu'elle se plie enfin au rythme harmonieux.

Un doux sonnet mûrit comme un bordeaux suave
Et tu fais bien, ami, qui né dans une cave,
De lire des beaux vers en buvant tes vins vieux.

François Coppée 1842 - 1908


About me

I don't remember exactly when I really started enjoying wine, maybe during one of my college year that I spent in Bordeaux. I didn't know much about wine at that time and I remember buying wines based on the label design rather than on the name of the château.

I realized how ignorant I was when I got invited to a wine tasting weekend at a friend's family house near Chablis. Each guest was asked to bring a wine and hide its identity by pouring it into a different bottle. I had no clue about the differences between a Bordeaux and a Bourgogne or any other appellation for that matter, and I could not guess any of these wines.

I don't know whether I could, even today, blindly identify a wine from Bordeaux from a wine from Burgundy, but for sure, I am still amazed at how much there is to know about wine.