Monday, June 26, 2006

It's Too Darn Hot, I need a glass of rosé!

It was very hot last week in the Bay Area, with unusually high evening temperatures. Many people would quench their thirst with an ice-cold beer — one of the most refreshing beverages men had invented &mdash, but with the lamb that we were having for dinner, I did not feel like having a beer. On the other hand, a bottle of rosé that I had put in the fridge a few days before, was just screaming to be open.

A rosé is usually a crisp, fruity, and uncomplicated wine that can be served as cold as beer. It is also very versatile and can go with almost any kind of food. My bottle of rosé was a 2005 Vin de Pays des Côtes de Thau Rosé Hecht & Bannier, a varietal wine 100% Syrah produced by a friend of our friend Arnaud and now imported by K&L Wine Merchants.

The wine had a bright watermelon color and a sweet nose of wild strawberries. On the palate, however, it was dry, clean, leaving a crisp and refreshing sensation on the finish. It worked well with the lamb too.

It's too darn hot, sang Ella in the background, too, too, too darn hot.

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Greg said...

I agree - I live in the Sacramento Valley (Davis) which has been 100+ for 5 days now, and I find that a dry rosé is the best thing to cut the heat.

~ Phyll said...
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~ Phyll said...

I just got myself 4 bottles of rosés for this weekend, and I'm planning to blog about them soon:

04 Earl Les Galets "Les Aphillanthes", Cotes du Rhone $8

04 Marquis de Goulaine "La Roserie", Rose d'Anjou $7

05 Ch. De Segres, Tavel $12

05 Le Arnevels, Cote de Provence $8

Now, I need to find that recipe for a good paella. Any comment on any of the above wine?

Catherine Granger said...

They all sound delicious!
Domaine Les Aphillanthes is a rising star in southern Rhône:

The Rosé d'Anjou is usually rather off-dry but nevertheless refreshing.

Tavel is the only rosé-only appellation and Château de Ségriès is a respectable producer:

and a Côtes de Provence Rosé is always great for summer drinking.

For the paella check this:
just substiute "sip of cold dry rosé wine" for "sip of cold dry white wine"


~ Phyll said...

Excellent! Thanks for the Paella recipe too! Now, I need to hit a local pet store for the "4 pieces of rabbit" part. Maybe I can substitute with more chicken instead.

Anonymous said...

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The Rose wine seems to be a good alternative to chilled beer. This would be something of a good experience.