Sunday, February 19, 2006

Chignin Vin de Savoie

It's another ski weekend at lake Tahoe and it is cold and white everywhere. Looking out the window, we can see long snow-covered pine trees. It is time to open a bottle of 2004 Chignin Vin de Savoie Jean-Pierre et Jean-François Quénard from the French Alpine region of Savoie.

This bottle of Vin de Savoie is from the Chinin appellation, an ancient wine region with steep, south-looking vineyards that were already renowned in the Middle Ages. Jacquère is the most important grape variety of the appellation. Native from the Alps, it produces dry and crisp wines that go well with the local cheeses.

The 2004 Chignin Vin de Savoie Jean-Pierre et Jean-François Quénard is 100% Jacquère and has a light yellow color and a discreet floral nose. On the palate, it is dry, crisp, nutty with pear and apple aromas. It is the perfect wine to accompany a Fondue Savoyarde.

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g58 said...

Nice! I'd love to try more vin de Savoie, but it is a bit of secret on these shores it seems. In Quebec, only three Savoie whites can be procured and two reds. They all are $15-17 -- I can't imagine who buys them the way they languish in dark corners of our state liquor corporation. Hopefully more interesting reviews like yours will change that. And I should add that Domaine de L'Idylle makes an excellent cuvée. I tried the 2002 and 2003 is now available.