Friday, November 18, 2005

Unusual wine labels

If you're still looking for a label to participate in WBW #16 - Judge a Bottle By Its Cover, you can visit the Beyond The Pour: Pairing Art and Wine Label Design exhibition in San Francisco, or you can visit this great site that I just discovered: Unusual Wines - Diversity in Wine where you can browse more than 230 unusual labels.

My favorite is:

Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush

And take a couple of minutes to read Queen of Clubs - Anelia Pavlova's banned bare breasted beauty, the story of a banned wine label.

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Peter F May said...

Thanks fpr the plug for my wine site at

Glad you liked the labels.

ThePurpleSeal said...

Hi there,

A while back I started brewing my own wine, I have really started getting into it and now actually sell my wine to friends and family. I wanted to add that extra touch to my wine so I designed my own wine labels and had them printed by a british labels company who did a excellent job. It has made my wine bottle look really great!