Thursday, November 10, 2005

Coconut Salmon and Alsatian Riesling

For my daughter's birthday, I made coconut salmon. This is a very simple, Thai-inspired recipe of mine, and one of my daughter's favorite:
1. Bake salmon fillets coated with tamarind paste in fish bouillon.
2. Stir fry vegetables with garlic, ginger, curry paste and coconut milk.
3. Serve the salmon and the vegetables over Thai rice and garnish with fresh basil or cilantro leave.

With the salmon, I opened a bottle of 2002 Domaine Ehrhart Riesling Herrenweg.

Sometimes, I find Alsatian Riesling too dry, mineral and austere for Asian cuisine, but I already had this wine last year and remembered that it was slightly off dry and very aromatic - unfortunately, the amount of residual sugar is rarely indicated on the label.

The pairing was perfect. The wine had a fragrant flowery nose with mineral notes. On the palate, it was medium-bodied, crisp, with just enough sugar to stand up to the creamy coconut milk and the curry spices. The finish was lively and complex.

We also had a delicious Champagne that evening, but that's another story.

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