Monday, September 26, 2005

Travelers' Tales and Adventures in Wine

The other day, I was not feeling well, so I stayed all day in bed, reading Adventures in Wine: True Stories of Vineyards and Vintages Around the World. I really recommend this book, a great collection of wine stories, sometimes witty, sometimes funny, sometimes inspiring, but always warm-hearted.

In Etymology of a wine lover, we learn how the author, Jan Morris, became a wine lover during one special Australian Summer day, with a glass of white wine, a simple paté, some cheese and an apple.

We learn how to order the proper wine in Italian restaurants in Italy in Fiasco, thanks to David Darlington, and How to Conquer a Wine List, thanks to Kit Snedaker.

“What was the best wine you ever tasted, the one you will always remember?&rdquo asks Gerald Asher in Remembrance of Wines Past. For him, it was an unknown vino rosso, in a simple Lake Maggiore inn, ruby bright, sweetly exotic, lively, with a long glossy finish.

A Tale of Two Meals by Kermit Lynch, in which an American merchant turns the tables on a French chef, is just hilarious.

And what about sharing the stress of Drinking an 1806 Château Lafite with Robert Daley?

But you can always concur with Richard Sterling that Sometimes a Man Just Needs a Drink.

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