Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Will Sell Husband for Wine!

Guess what? My husband bought me this new tee-shirt the other day. It has a big quote that says: “Will Sell Husband for Wine!” But the best part is the tiny note just below it:

“If wine is REALLY good will throw in kids with husband. If wine is REALLY good and huge QUANTITIES are involved, will throw in House and Cat with Husband and Kids. No substitutions. No exchanges. Very Limited warranty on husbands.”

Hilarious, even if you don't have a cat!

The tee-shirt itself is wine dyed: “Straight from the vine come our shirts dyed in rich red wine. ” says the website. And there are many other Gourmet Dyes available depending on your taste, including Kona Coffee, Beer, Chocolate, and Key Limes. Too bad they just smell like plain cotton!

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Matthieu Devin said...

Actually the chocolate dyed ones smell like chocolate!

JamieStro said...

I spilled wine all over my shirt at the "100th Birthday Party" and tried to trade the shirt and some crappy ("party") wine for some woman's shirt. Since I wasn't Matthieu, she whapped me and told me to take my Tesla and leave. I tried but the radio fell out and I had to drive a real car. So I am selling the "Purple Liquid-Blogger-used Wine Shirt" on eBay. Many wineries are making offers because they want to put the shirt on their dart board because their wines suck at our tastings!!!!

Au Revoir

Catherine Granger said...

Selling wine stained T-shirts on Ebay, what a great new business idea!