Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is your nose worth any $$$?

I think my olfactory abilities are pretty average. Of course, I love to taste good wines and appreciate the rich flavors of good food and I would be really sad if one day I lose the sense of smell. But I am not planning to do anything about it.

Some wine professionals have a different opinion: their nose nose is essential for their work.

“I thought it must be a horror to lose your smell,” says Ilja Gort, winemaker at Château de la Garde in Bordeaux. “It would mean that you cannot taste wine anymore.”

USA Today reports that Ilja Gort has insured his nose for $8 million.

“The custom policy covers Gort for the loss of either his nose or his sense of smell ” reports the newspaper, “and has some conditions for protecting his nose. Among other things, he is barred from riding a motorcycle or working as a knife thrower's assistant or fire-breather.

And he can't be a boxer.”

Here is the complete story: Winemaker's nose insured for $8M

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