Sunday, February 18, 2007

My best airline wine so far: a Riesling from Lufthansa

It is during a recent trip to Frankfurt that I discovered Lufthansa's excellent wine offering. First of all, alcoholic drinks are free in economy class. They are served by the glass from large 1 Liter bottles, one white, one red. On my flight, the white wine was a German Riesling and the red looked like a Cabernet Sauvignon. I decided to taste the Riesling.

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the wine. It had a fine floral nose. The palate was light, refreshing, slightly fizzy, rather dry, with I guess, a low alcohol content, great qualities to fight the dryness of the cabin air and enhance the blandness of the airline food — which was honestly not so bad.

While I was sipping my Riesling, I watched the movie A good Year. I was curious to see whether the movie's reputation was true. True indeed: no real soul, not even funny. The Riesling was much more satisfying.

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John Tiniakos said...

I was on a flight to Berlin last year and I tried the white as well. Very good.

John Tiniakos said...

The food was also good on the flight.

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Anonymous said...

LAX to EU and back by Lufthansa, economy class- the best dry riesling I've tried ever (normally I don't drink whites, and in US it is next-2 impossible to find dry whites)

Catherine Granger said...

although I found out that it is sometimes better to drink an average white that is cold than an average red wine.