Friday, October 28, 2005

Silly Tasting Notes

I just came into a fun website called the Silly Tasting Notes Generator, and for a while, could not stop myself from playing with it. I was amazed at how close these notes were to reality.

Let's guess: which one is from the Wine Spectator, and which one isn't:

A plump, rich and creamy style, with ripe fig, hazelnut and buttery flavors, and pretty glimpses of anise, pear and tangerine. Drink now through 2005.

Wholly obtuse but equally big and plump Port. Attacks with fig, complex and stunning cocoa and weak orange peel. Drink now through 2009.

Actually, this stunning similarity is not a surprise considering the way the generator works. The notes are generated by a script, which randomly picks wine aroma and flavor terms selected from real Wine Spectator tasting notes.

Of course, when you turn on the Extra-Silly mode, it gets totally wacky:

Premature but equally putrid Chenin Blanc. Whispers of cheetos, ripe coconut suntan oil and hopeful orange jello. Drink now through 2004.

Who said that wine was a serious matter?

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Michael Walton said...

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Mixed Masala said...

OMG!!! That is too wild! LOL I tried it out, too and it was a hoot. Thanks for sharing, Catherine.